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Christian Quotes

Christian Quotes to Live By

 BURNELL D. JOHNSON (1861-1944)
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"A good definition of a hypocrite is one that does the right thing with a wrong motive."

"We should have an open ear and an open heart to the Word of God. This is a test of a spiritual person or a spiritual assembly."

"Real salvation makes us honest in dealing with God and Man."

"Those who are soft and sweet toward sin get angry at God's revealing Word."

"Idolatory is the substitution of something else for God."

"When a man loves the things God hates, he is an ungodly man."

"There is no power in the world today so potent to blind the minds of people as artificial sanctity."

"The Bible is a serious Book and it deals with serious matters."

"I Rather be right than flattered."

"Ephesians 4 contains instructions for the individual - for the family -- for domestic and business life."

"During Christ's earthly ministry He did everything to discourage pride and ambition."

"Teaching theoretical truth without first having had a renovation of the heart is worthless."

"When Christ is our Lord, we recognize His authority in everything concerning our lives."

"God's grace is intended for actual use in hard places."

"The greatest tragedy in the world today is religion without righteousness."

"Think of the words in a hymn as you sing them. Are you singing the truth or a lie?"

"Sin is blinding. Only when it ripens do we see its corrupt characteristics."

"Millions of people in this world are resting their souls on fraudulent life insurance."

"Sin consists less in outward acts than in the attitude of the heart toward Christ."

"The Bible does not deal in glittering generalities but rather in unmistakable personalities."

"The most dangerous lie always comes dressed in religious clothes."

"He who wears the livery of heaven to deceive the souls of men is Public Enemy Number One."

"A true minister of Christ assumes no responsibility for the results of speaking God's Word.

"Denominational preachers are 'called'. Paul was 'sent'."

"The true Church has never had a physical building. Acts 7:48; 17:24,25."

"Religion is Satan's bargain counter - you step up and take your choice."

"Today God says 'Come'. Some day God will say 'Depart'."

"Ignorance concerning the Christ of the Bible is no greater in darkest Africa than it is among the masses in enlightened America."

"A fretful, care-worn, worried Christian is an awful advertisement for Christ."

"What we are taught of God we are taught alike. He does not teach one of His children one thing and another the opposite."

"What this world needs is the Gospel in shoes: living examples of what it will do."

"The Word of God is so vast that we know only a little of it around the fringes."

"The Word of God is intended for every day practical living."

"There is a famine in the land-not of bread, but of hearing the Word of the Lord."

"All of the Word of God is 'gospel' to a Christian."

"Ingratitude is a root of sin."

"Let no one think that they can control their children until they have first learned to control themselves."

"The Gospel not only saves from the guilt of sin, but also from the power and penalty of sin. Some day we shall be saved from the effects of sin."

"Grace is strength and strength is grace."

"If you want to know how Christians are joined together, look at your sock! -- 'knit together in loved'."