Some Concerned Christians - Fellowship Wanted

Some Concerned Christians Have

A Message for You

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED if there were some people meeting somewhere just in the Name and sufficiency of our Lord Jesus Christ, not seeking to sustain any denomination, young or old, but seeking to walk in UNITY and LOVE with all Christians everywhere? Have you ever wondered if it was POSSIBLE for Christians to stand together without starting something new?

IF YOU HAVE, let me assure you right here in Southern California, and other areas in the United States are such people, Christians who have been meeting for many years without denominational ties, corporate property, membership or religious trappings and who welcome fellowship of all Christians who desire to honor Christ and him alone!

IF YOU ARE NOT SAVED, we would count it a privilege to have a part in calling your attention to what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for you, for your family, and for all of us.

Read: Romans 10:9-13.

Christian meetings are held only in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.